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Xstreaminar helps OEM's and VAR's better serve their awesome channel partners. Sponsors know that creating hundreds of co-branded individual events is difficult and expensive while what their Partners want most are great leads!

Xstreaminar lets "sponsors" publish co-branded on-demand videos and live lead gen events for all of their partners at once. Every partner automatically gets their own co-branded microsite to serve out to their own audience of users and prospects in-turn (*also supports direct embedding on partner sites).

To make lead gen easy, every co-branded micro-site automatically comes with co-branded invite email templates, landing/registration and confirmation pages, and built-in confirmation/reminder emailing. Each partner can even run their own custom video promo and CTA clips directly in the video stream during events!

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OEMs & Distributors (OEM/D) can syndicate live and “as live” co-branded video webcast events via their individual channel partners. Each partner in the ecosystem carries your singular message to their respective audiences through a co-branded microsite. Generate a viral network effect unlike any other webcast platform.


OEMs and Distributors (OEM/D) automatically distribute a set of on-demand videos via co-branded (OEM + channel partner) microsites. OEMs can propagate their branded messaging consistently across their distribution channel while each partner gains a fresh content digest to share with their audiences.